Talons of Venice Riedle Urban Spaces

Ok, last time, we got a little carried away with the bios, teasing people and making things up. We’re more mature now, so we... oh, wait, I see Lara rewrote the serious ones. Uh, nevermind...

I’m a south-end Johner, born and raised. I think that’s what makes me such a fierce worker – always excited about the next project, and afraid of nothing. (Except heights, kitties and ponies. A pony bit me once. So mean.)

Brent Belding

I love marketing so much, that if I were stuck on a deserted island, I would want to take marketing guru David Avrin with me. (That’s my work answer, anyway. I’d actually take McConaughey.)

Haley Evans

I have a balanced personality. One side is all efficiency, spreadsheets and budgets. The other is pranks, jokes and hell on two feet. Give me CMS access and I'll have a sweet time!

Laura Foote

I love beautiful things, from lilies and pearls to perfectly constructed communications plans with tables and charts. Those plans in action? Works of art!

Cynthia Goodwin

Managing communications for our entire province? No problem. Working through budgets with Laura Foote after she’s had more than two coffees? Um… 

Anne McInerney

As office manager, it’s my job to be super organized – helping to keep the team on time and in line. (So let’s not tell anyone I used to be a rebellious biker. Or that I still love Sons of Anarchy. OMG Jax is so hot.)

Kelly McLaughlin

When I'm not leading large, multi-channel marketing projects I make time to be Revolution's in-house fashion consultant. The creative team's matching Star Trek outfits? I don't want to talk about it.

Laura Noseworthy

I’m a natural coordinator, without being nerdy about it (I think). Je suis aussi une planificatrice extraordinaire. Y me encata la comunicacíon. (Did I mention I’m trilingual?)

Melissa Potvin

I enjoy the finer things in life. Time for a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea – this website isn’t going to design itself.

Geof Ramsay

My love for creating websites and apps is hard-coded. I caught the bug (pun intended) as a kid, and now I’m pumped to pursue my passion. Just don’t ask me to build anything in Visual Basic, or I’ll be forced to give you an Error 400.

Rob Rankin

I love what I do and I'm passionate about staying current. Oh wait...I have to put down my Galaxy to answer my iPhone. I like shiny things.

Derek Riedle

I love a challenge. You could say I thrive on competition in everything I do...not just within the agency. Play a boardgame with me. Come for a run. Whatever. It's on baby.

Terri Riedle

At work I'm a super organized, ultra-clean, sock-monkey whisperer. But at the end of the day, I jump on my trusty steed, Bandito, and ride like the wind. Well...a strong breeze anyway.

Mostafa Shaker

At first glance, I’m the quiet one in the office. But that’s because I let my design work do all the talking. I’m also living proof of the power of social media. (If you’re curious, check out my full bio.)

Cristy Shepard

When I’m not busy making family photos go viral on Tumblr, you can find me here with the creative team – concepting away. (And making up words.)

Anthony Stuart

I like to think I was brought on at Revolution based on my ability to rock a sweet 'stache. As it turns out, they also wanted me to build web applications. I'm OK with that.

Brett Whitaker

Revolution won me from the lottery. Literally. I'm steering the digital ship - full speed ahead, all hands on deck and many other nautical terms. The baby was hired to make me seem personable.

Lara Wood

Besides our team in house, we have a few talented Revolution alumni that we call on from time to time when things here are really moving.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to wrangle these right-brain people into getting their expenses, bills and time sheets done? It's a good thing they're scared of me.

Susan Alchorn

A lot of things have changed over the years. A lot less print. A lot of new digital. A lot of smart kids. Only one constant remains: YOU DON'T TOUCH MY MONITOR.

Jim McVicar