Melissa Potvin

Melissa Potvin

Marketing Communications Specialist

Globe-trotter by day, communications expert by night, we’re pumped that Melissa’s adventures have brought her to Revolution.

She brings a strong non-profit background to her role at the agency, including a five-year term at Health Nexus – a Toronto-based non-profit dedicated to health promotion across Ontario and throughout Canada– as well as a stint with CTAC (an organization devoted to supporting access to treatment for Canadians living with HIV / AIDS) and Crossroads International an NGO working in international development with a focus on women’s rights. At Health Nexus and CTAC, she led all communications, developing expertise in writing, design and project management – to name a few.

She’s done a lot of good for our world, and we dig that about her.

Before kicking off her do-gooder career, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language at Concordia University, and a Post-Grad Certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College. At Seneca, she honed her skills to communicate like a champion and lead diverse teams to accomplish big things.

Her friends say she’s fun, thoughtful and a good listener. But beware, she is a self-proclaimed over-sharer (which in and of itself is an over-share #TMI), and we hear she’s also a bit of a Potty-mouth. (Get it?) #LastNameJoke #JokesYouHaveToExplainAreBadJokes

A lesser-known fact about Melissa: She and a friend once invented “Boozie Mondays,” where they would get together on the first Monday of every month for drinks. Coincidentally enough, we have those here, too!

In her spare time, she loves photography, interior design – “things that are pretty” in general, as she puts it. She’s also a dog lover and an avid traveler – having lived in BC, Ontario, Quebec, a few spots in Europe, and now, Canada’s original city.

Her five-year plan? Be happy, have fun and contribute to the world. #NailedIt 

Say hello any time.