Anthony Stuart

Anthony Stuart

Creative Director

Anthony Stuart is “a treat to work with,” says Anthony Stuart.

As our Creative Director, Anthony is always on the hunt for the next big idea – the creative concept that says why a brand matters. 

He asks the right questions, always aiming to understand what a project is trying to do and whom it’s trying to reach. Then it’s his job to unearth the most creative and compelling way to make it happen. He is our idea generation machine.

Anthony returned to Revolution as Creative Director after almost two years as UI/UX lead at the Fredericton startup Introhive. After 15 years in the digital space, he’s amassed a wealth of experience in web, print and UI/UX design, as well as expertise in programming, photography and videography. (When he gets excited and starts talking really fast, don’t worry – he’s probably onto something.)

As the leader of our creative team, Anthony is responsible for marrying stunning imagery with memorable language, all guided by sound marketing strategy. From creative concept development to brand and digital strategy, he touches it all.

Over the years, Anthony has worked on projects for the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture; J.D. Irving, Limited; CAA Atlantic; Cooke Aquaculture; Microsoft; Oracle and Salesforce. He’s even won a few awards along the way.

While he is equally comfortable working in traditional and new media, his passion is social media and how it can be used to spread ideas. In 2013, as an experiment, he created a series of photos titled, “The Magic Show,” showing how magicians have babies. They’ve since been viewed millions of times online, even appearing on the Today Show and on news sites around the globe in several languages.

He’ll also take any chance he gets to tell you how years of improvisation and theatre have helped him develop keen storytelling skills. He’s our very own Jimmy Fallon (minus the nice suits).

Say hello any time.